Tortured Minds

I woke up in a dark, mouldy walled room, above me the ceiling stretched into an inky black oblivion. A chink of light shone into the dingy room,  casting a beam of light on the wall. Then came the creek of a trap door and the click-clack of someone descending the stairs.

“Ah, you’re awake then Jonny, may I call you Jonny?” The voice was deep and harsh. Raspy, as if he smoked. Don’t you recognise me Jonny? Don’t you remember my name?” He growled, thrusting his face in front of mine. His breath smelled like rotting meat, putrid almost. But it was his face that truly petrified me, scarred and covered in lacerations with his skin hanging off of his face he looked like a thing of nightmares. “How about my face? Do you recognise me Jonny?” he whispered, almost in my ear.

“How? How are you alive? I saw you die. I watched you burn” I whispered back

“Ah, so you do recognise me.” He smiled, for a second his tongue shot across his mouth and he looked almost demon like in the flickering light. “Yes, you did watch me burn, but life clung to me, clung to my bones. I pulled myself out of the wreckage and I’ve been hunting, planning. Waiting, for you. You’re the last one left, apart from Tess,” For a second a shadow of doubt passed over his face, but in a second, it was gone. “But don’t worry, Ill get her too! So, now here we are!” He trilled ” My family can’t even look at me! I have nothing left, nothing to live for and you know who’s fault that is? Yours Jonny! Your fault. Maybe I should thank you, because now, I don’t give a damn.” He giggled to himself,his face half turned, the light casting an odd shadow on him. “You see Jonny when you have nothing to live for, nothing left in your life, it doesn’t matter if you die. So, I wonder how long you can last before you go crazy, huh?”


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